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Work After Retirement: I Do Not Want To Get Another Job

If you retire and have more month then money work after retirement is probably going to be a necessity. However, getting another job after you retire is not something many seniors want to do.

One way around this is take your skills and experience and start a home based business. There are a few steps to get your new business started.

Skills & Personality

First you need to make sure you have the skills and personality type to succeed in your new business. This is not an easy task and it is important that you are able to deal with people in a professional manner.

One of the best ways to insure you are able to do this is to get feedback from other seniors in your age group and find out what they liked and did not like in your personality and business style. You should also make sure you have a desire to succeed. As many are likely to tell you, no matter how old you are you never stop running and trying to improve yourself and your business.

Is There A Need?

is there a need for your product
Next you need to start looking for a space for your business. This is not easy, especially if you have not experience operating a business in your residence. Start by making sure there is a need for your product or service.

After determining that, begin looking for a building that you can lease and that is suitable for your business. Make sure there are adequate parking spaces and that they are close to the business.

If you start a home based business you work at home. This is great for retirees!

Marketing & Promotion

Finally start marketing your business. Make sure you have a good logo created and then advertise your business in an area that you know well.

This can be through magazines or newspapers, and may need to be direct mail to homes. Try and get your message across without offending anyone.

Now you have started your business and are ready to get to work. Start marketing your business by making sure you reach out to family and friends.

Get your product into businesses and public places you know well. Give free tours of your new business, if you can, to acquaint the public with what you have.

Be Accessible

Now you need to keep yourself busy and make sure that you keep on going. Get rid of items that do not serve your purpose. Remember your goal is to get customers coming in the door to spend money.

Put a sign on your front door that says, “FREE TOURS OFFERED 6/25/13”. If you have a website, they can come back later.

If you don’t have a website, get one now so that you can convince them that now is the best time to spend their money with you. You have to keep going until you keep customers coming in the door. If you don’t do this, you will eventually lose them to someone else.

Spend Money On Advertising

In the meantime you need to spend money on advertising and promoting your business. You need to keep people coming back to you, so spend money on the networking events.

You need to advertise in local magazines, talk to everyone you know who sells some kind of product or service. Do all of this in your own lingo, so people understand.

Make sure your sales letters are clear, concise and to the point. Make sure you keep your prices low and that you get value for your money. Don’t oversell your product or service, because when people find you out of line they will run away! You want to be popular with your customers.

There are many ways to advertise your business, write articles, faxes, handouts, drop by the coffee shops in your area and chat with the people sitting at the tables. If you do this correctly you will get people coming back to you. This may take some time, but you will get people coming back to you because you were clear, concise and gave them value for their money.

Get A Website

get a business website
You have to have a website to get traffic, but you don’t have to have a big website. I have seen websites that are only 2 pages long. They get many visitors each month.

If they happen to meet a customer that needs information about their company, they offer to show them their website and send them into the process of getting it. Then they can tell their friends I have their business.

This way they get more business. You get more business. This is what they do, but my website is only 2 pages long. It won’t get that many visitors per month, but it can get more customers.

Millionaire Mindset

This system works well for me and many others. You can get more business with this approach and earn that higher income that the Millionaire Mindset promises. Here is a tip, the more complex your business is the more work it is to get it going, and the less income you can earn.

The Millionaire Mindset would have you believe that you need to have a very high tech business, lots of paperwork, lots of people and a lot of money to start a successful business. All of this is FALSE and MISLEADING. You can earn money quickly and easily and start a very simple business and earn a lot of money.

The Millionaire Mindset would have you believe that this business is very complex and takes a lot of money, but that is false too. You can start a simple business and earn a lot of money in a short period of time.

There are a few reasons why the Millionaire Mindset would have you believe these things. They are looking for a way to pull you into their world.

They have come to believe these things so that they can recruit you. In other words, they want you to believe these things so they can get you to invest in expensive services, money, training, products, etc.

You are now armed with knowledge that is applicable to starting a business. You are ready to take that leap of faith and work after retirement as a business owner.

Not Sure What To Do Next?

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