Free Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp

What Is The Free Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp?

It is not like the military. Upon hearing those words, boot camp, many male seniors will think about their youth and the good old days of military boot camp. What Is The Free Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp? It is not as tough as the military version.

Where this boot camp is the same as the military is that it provides you with a solid foundation to do a senior business in affiliate marketing. it is a training session that makes sure you are prepared for the cutthroat affiliate market industry.

What Is The WA boot camp?

You get access to this option when you sign up to be an affiliate marketer. To be good at your new retirement business, you need the right training. This is what WA’s boot camp is all about.

The camp is 7 training levels with each level holding 10 lessons. That is 70 lessons to help you get ready to start promoting that niche you selected. No matter what you do, you need a good foundation to build upon and the boot camp provides that foundation.

This training teaches you how to represent Wealthy Affiliate and get other people to sign up to their premium membership and other affiliate options like domain names and so on.

But you do not have to use this information for just that purpose. You can use the training to represent any niche you have chosen to work with. Once you are done with boot camp, you are prepared to move to the next level of affiliate marketing.

There Is Some Good News

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp?
The beauty of this boot camp training is that you can access it through the starter membership. That membership costs you nothing. it may be limited in scope but there is one thing going in its favor.

That makes the boot camp training FREE. Not only do you get to sign up and explore all the niches, the products and see how WA works, but you also get the training you need before you pay out any money.

Of course, if you move up in membership, you get access to more training, but 70 free lessons are not something to sneeze at. Plus, if you do not like the boot camp option, you can also get the Online Entrepreneur Certification which is 5 levels of training with 10 lessons in each level.

That training teaches you how to develop your new online business. Not only are you getting the right training, but you are also getting options and that makes learning a bit more fun.

The Many Levels Of Boot Camp

It is always best to look before you leap. here are the different training levels and their content. This brief snapshot gives you an idea of what you are going to learn and what you are getting yourself into.

#1. Getting Your Business Rolling- this is step one and it contains 10 lessons on how to get your business going. You learn how to build a good foundation before you start your business.

#2. Content, Keywords, and Conversions- this set of 10 lessons teach you how to create readable and good content. Plus, it talks about how to convert visitors to your website into paying customers.

#3. Giving Your Site Social Value- the lessons in this section teach you how to be engaging and more friendly. This is a vital set of lessons for many seniors who like being grumpy old men.

#4. Get Visual. Get Aesthetic- whether you are a man or a woman, looks matter. Just ask anyone about pants being worn down at the knees. This level of lessons teaches you how to make your website look good, including the use of logos and related visual effects.

#5. Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals- this is a vital set of lessons. As an online businessman, you need to know who your target audience is and how to focus on providing content to them.

#6. Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC- Google is not the only game in town. This level teaches you how to use the other search engines to your advantage.

#7. How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns- finally, you get training in how to advertise correctly and successfully

The Pros and Cons Of Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp

pros cons of the free wealthy affiliate boot camp


provides a solid affiliate marketing business foundation
provides solid training materials to build upon
covers important topics
it is free
helps you with the technical side of the business
lets you test the waters before upgrading to a paid membership


limited training- paid memberships offer a whole lot more
focuses on promoting Wealthy Affiliate and its paid plans
you only get the basics and 2 websites to implement that training
lower commission rate than if you were a paid member

Should You Go Through Another Boot Camp?

If you were fortunate enough to have real military training, you know how valuable boot camp is. The lessons you learned through that style of training stick with you throughout your career.

The same goes for WA’s boot camp. The lessons you learn will stick with you throughout your affiliate career. Remember you are never too old to learn new things. Even though they say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, that doesn’t mean that old dogs do not or cannot learn new lessons.

The wealth of information in this boot camp gets you prepared and even if you know it all, there are always new things to learn even when you are at retirement age.

Some Final Words: What Is The Free Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp?

The only way WA’s boot camp is going to work for you is if you are willing to learn and put in the hard work. Since it is free, you lose nothing by checking it all out. Plus, once you go through the training, no one can take it from you.

What Is The Free Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp? It is the right training you need in order to enjoy a second career during your retirement years.

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