What Is Blogging in Simple Terms?

What Is Blogging in Simple Terms?

Blogging, derived from the word weblog, is simply photography, writing, and other self-published online media. Blogs were first introduced in 1994 by Justin Hall on the links net as an opportunity for individuals to write diary styles. Later, people saw it as an opportunity to market their products.

How Blogging Works

Blogging is quite a simple task. Essentially, all you need is a topic in your domain or any that interests you, write about it, and post that article on a virtual platform on your website.

The best part about it is that you get the chance to express yourself, share thoughts and knowledge to a broader audience as any reader worldwide has access to your content. However, consistency is the key to keeping your readers interested.

It is vital to update new posts with effective approaches. You can also interlink your blog with another relevant blog within your niche to help you reach more people.

Difference Between Blogs and Traditional Websites

Blogs, unlike traditional websites, need to be frequently updated. Additionally, they only promote reader engagement and connect readers by interacting with each other and with the content creator.

On the other hand, websites facilitate one-way communication. Generally, blogs allow more conversation.

If you are writing for a senior audience, the blogs are definitely the thing as most seniors tend to follow what other seniors are reading, hence more traffic for a blog than a website.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging


Maintains communications with consumers where posts keep customers and clients updated on what is going on, tips, and new deals.
Builds affinity with customers as it allows you to show off what you know, making our expertise and trustworthiness.


Blogging can be time-consuming due to the level of commitment and consistency required. It is essential to keep the audience up to date.

Blogging requires fresh ideas. The blogger has to stay aware of everything around them and research to get the facts right.
Blogs have indeed become part of our daily lives and have significantly been embraced around the world.

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