Use Social Media To Market Your Online Business

Use Social Media To Market Your Online Business

In this article we will talk about the best shortcut to use social media to market your online business. This is fast! If you follow this guide you can create a professional website for the equivalent of about $15.

It doesn’t have to be perfect; you can take your ideas from here and make a rough draft.

Establish Yourself Online

You need a Facebook page and a LinkedIn account. Then begin to build a list of subscribers. This can be done by sending emails with content which is interesting to them and you, and that they can share with others.

Once you have created your list, use an automated system to continue to communicate with them. This is what we call social media marketing and it’s the easiest and fastest way to market.

As an example, imagine if you had a Facebook page and an Instagram account. How would you go about attracting attention? Perhaps you had a link to a freebie. That link could be used as an incentive to share your content with others.

Once the list grew, you could begin to market to them on a scheduled basis. In this way you would be able to have some control over their exposure to your content. You could easily build a relationship with them, and have them refer you to others on the list.

This process can be repeated on a smaller scale and with less work, to increase the number of people that know about you. It will be easier because they will have already known you, and the cycle can begin again.

More Prospects

This has advantages for you and them. The first advantage is that you’ll have more prospects in the future.

For example, if you start with 30 people, and only two decide to take action, then you will have gained two new subscribers. That is two more prospects you can connect with.

For those two people, you will gain a prospect. That means you can continue to market to them until you have reached your quota.

More Opportunities

The second advantage is that you will have more opportunities to build a relationship with them. If two people take action, then you will have reached your goal of two new prospects.

That will allow you to gain another prospect. And, that will continue until you have gained 10 new subscribers.

In terms of how to do this, I suggest you get more than one website. That way you will have a new list for each target audience.

I would recommend having a list for “regular” subscribers, a list for “early bird” subscribers, and a list for those who took action at the beginning of each month.

Use An Autoresponder

So that your emails don’t get lost in the sea of emails you can then use an autoresponder. I use a simple free tool called Mail Chimp. That way it’s not spammy.

You can have a custom link at the bottom of each email. And the autoresponder will put that link at the bottom of every email that you send out.

That will keep you in the spotlight, and will remind people about your service. You can still use the autoresponder to build relationships with customers, but now instead of marketing to 100 prospects a month, you can double that, or triple it.

Talk About Your Product Or Service

Finally, when you have that 10 subscribers or more, you can start to talk about your service. I have found it’s easier to start off with 10 subscribers.

Because it lets you focus on those new prospects first and they become more comfortable with your services, so they’ll be more willing to buy. If you have 10 subscribers, then you have 100 prospects to market to, which gives you a lot more opportunity to share what you’re offering. If you have 10 subscribers, then you can start to talk about 12. Or 30.

As you’re doing your first few months, that’s when you can begin to talk about your product and your prices and maybe a little bit about how you do business. Because you’re not completely overwhelmed by the content, and by the subscribers, so you can do that without worrying about the subscribers getting a little bit overwhelmed.


The hardest thing about scaling your business is finding the right customer base. Once you have that, then everything else will fall into place.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The wheel is already there. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to get on it.

Perfect Customer

Now you’re ready to find your perfect customer base. It’s pretty simple actually.

What I’m talking about is finding the highest quality customers you can find. High quality customers are your friends.

They’re not the highest quantity, but they’re very high quality. Very satisfied and loyal.

High quality customers are going to pay attention. They’re going to pay attention at the store level.

They’re going to pay attention on the internet and they’re going to share your stuff with their friends. You find those guys and you do what I do and you sell to them.

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