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Target Baby Boomers For Your MLM Business

A huge target market for MLM opportunities is to target baby boomers. Network marketers who want to build their business with an age group that has a need should look closely at boomers. Boomers are starting to live longer than any other generation before them. Many boomers are downsizing their home life and looking for ways to supplement their income or supplement their Social Security income.

Boomers Have Disposable Income

People in the prime of their life are generally spending money that they did not have in their youth. Boomers have the disposable income that their children and children’s children are going to need for many years to come. They would love to try an MLM opportunity that allows them to build a business where they are earning an income while living a lifestyle that they have dreamed of. In order to build an MLM business with boomers, the marketer has to tap into their need for something new, something extra.

The MLM industry can create residual income for years and years to come. Network Marketers who build with a market that is going strong have a much better chance of building a long-term business with a very large number of people.

Boomers Are Established

If you try to build your business with a group that is just starting, you are likely to see a rapid decline in the second month. They may not be downsizing their home life, but they are starting to make money in other ways. And you may not be able to build your business with them. Eventually, they will drop out and the income will dry up. If you are using an MLM opportunity that has a limited time window to build with, you can continue to build your business for many months and years to come. Your potential customer base will be with you for years and years to come. The more residual income you can give your customers, the more happy customers you will have.

Residual Income

This might not seem like a big deal to some people. However, a big percentage of people in the MLM industry are just looking for short-term income. They would love to make money as soon as possible. If they can, they will put off creating a residual income until they have everything. But if you give them the option of making residual income later, they will choose later. So their organization grows and grows and grows. In other words, their money quickly dries up. Then you have new people joining and their money slowly grows. The growth of their group means their income slows down. But this new person just joined, doesn’t know anything, doesn’t know what they want to do, don’t know anyone. How do you give them the option of creating a residual income later? You give them the option of purchasing the product at a discounted price for a time, so that later, they can build a residual income with the product and the organization that they build.

The Buy In

Network Marketers who are looking for long-term residual income can use the “buy in” programs. The “buy in” is a discounted price that you must purchase to create an account. You pay a little more, but it is a way to create a residual income. When you create an account, you receive a certain amount of products and a website. At this point, you are helping your downline and yourself to earn money by selling the products to others. You earn money by retailing the products, helping your downline earn money and by advising them on how to earn money. You earn money when your downline earns money. The same goes for your downline. They also earn money by helping their downline earn money. When they help their downline earn money, you earn money.

You can start an “AdSense” account with a program and earn a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on your ads and you earn money by selling the ad space to other advertisers. When someone clicks on your ad, you earn money by having an active account with the company and the product they are trying to buy. You earn money by teaching your downline to earn money and when they help each other to earn money, you earn money.


If you have a simple plan, you’ll gain the trust and loyalty of your downline because your downline is working hard to earn money, too. You’ll gain their loyalty by demonstrating how they can earn money. Just like a job, you’ll gain income from your downline earnings and your downline earnings are recurring. And you are rewarded for your efforts.

There are numerous programs you can participate in, including a lot of those that give you free ads, banner ads, pay per click ads, e-zine ads, internet business opportunities and much more. The reason you should choose the ones which provide free ads is that, at the very least, you can earn from the people who cannot afford the price you are charging. At the worst, you may attract lots of people who’ll want the services your offer and may spend more than they’re making. This is fine, as long as you’ll gain enough money through the sales to cover these expenses.

It is important that you do not choose a company which offers pre-designed ads and banners and e-zine ads and newsletters and e-zine subscriptions and affiliate marketing. This kind of company is generally not established. You’ll be at the mercy of the owner and his subcontractors and this may not be so efficient. Do not use any service which requires you to pay yearly renewal fees. These services are generally not maintained and this is not effective. Avoid any service which demands a monthly fee for your ads to run. These are generally non-working.

It is vital that you choose a service which is free to join and which is free to stay with. Avoid companies which charge monthly fees to keep your ads on. This is very troublesome and usually leads to failure. You should select a company which gives you an ad-free experience.


The first thing you should understand about business is that it takes effort to succeed. If you expect to get rich overnight from your business, you’re dreaming. Success is a long-term process, not a quick hit. If you’re not willing to put in effort, it won’t happen.


Another thing you should know is how to communicate effectively with your prospects. You should first let your prospects know that you exist. Include a link to your website in your newsletter. Use your name and contact info in your emails. As a minimum, send out a weekly newsletter. This is important to convey a sense of interest and importance.

Once your prospects are familiar with you and your company, then you can begin to use marketing techniques to spread the word about you and your business. Using the proper marketing techniques, you’ll be able to build trust and build your business.

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