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Online Blogging Websites: How to Create a Blog From Scratch

Online blogging websites are all the rage, or so it seems. Every where you turn a new blog is popping up as a way to make money online. The problem is, these websites are all very similar, and there are only a few that really stand out, especially WordPress. WordPress is the most widely used blogging software on the Internet, and it’s easy to make use of. It’s also free, which means there’s no excuse to not blogging, especially for beginners.

WordPress is a free hosted blog software, which means you only pay for hosting. Unlike other blog software, you don’t have to know any html or PHP to create your blog. The good thing about WordPress is that it’s so easy to get your feet wet. You can try it out in 10 minutes, and if you don’t like it, you can cancel your account and be completely set up in no time at all.

What’s the Big Deal About WordPress?

WordPress is fast becoming the go to blogging software. Some even go as far as to say that it is the ultimate blogging software. When you go to any WordPress website, you’ll notice a large variety of products for your blogs. But wait, there’s more! There are so many more products you can get to customize your blog. There’s a ton of them, and you can find great products to fit your needs in no time at all.

If you’re like me, you’re a total beginner at blogging. I’ve found that it’s easier for me to get started using WordPress. It doesn’t matter if you’re a total pro, you can find a great guide that will help you get started and enjoy blogging in no time.


I find the simplicity of WordPress very appealing. I’m not a very technical person, but I know I can get by fine using WordPress. And the best part is, it’s totally free! You don’t have to worry about any costs for hosting, or designing your own template. This is great for a beginner, because you can get started and enjoy blogging without having to shell out a cent.

Here’s another great part of WordPress. You can use it for almost anything you can think of. WordPress is great for monetization, advertising, creating a website, even hosting your own event. There are lots of amazing uses for WordPress, but it’s FREE so I’m sure you see where I’m going with this.

Easy Set Up

You would expect a blog to be easy to set up, but you wouldn’t have thought it would be this simple. What you wouldn’t have thought is the ease of use and customization with WordPress. But the best thing about it is that the free hosting means that you can get started and enjoy blogging without having to shell out a cent.

I’m sure you see where I’m going with this, but I’m going to ask it again, why use WordPress? To put it simply, if you’re not tech savvy, don’t worry. You can get a great guide that explains how to install and set up WordPress and just about everything you need to get started. There are loads of guides on line, so you can get you are doing in no time. It’s just your need to know what they are, how to do certain things.

Easy To Modify

Another great thing about WordPress is that you can modify it yourself, just like you would customizing a webpage. It’s amazing what you can do to customize your WordPress blog. From the fonts to the colors, you can have anything done that you want with no need to pay a cent.

WordPress Blog

I recommend that you begin by making a WordPress blog. Make a blog about yourself, or something you are interested in, or a hobby. Then begin posting your work, pictures, events, or just stuff. It doesn’t matter what you decide to make a blog about, so you can write about anything you like. If you make a blog about something in your area of expertise, you can learn more about what you like and maybe make a blog that is a duplicate of your one about interest.

If you are just trying to get a blog, you can make one from scratch, you can find other people’s blogs and have them add yours. You can also join websites that allow you to download templates for free and then modify them as you please. They offer you a few different different options to customize your site, they give you the basics, they give you a chance to try before you buy. All it takes is a bit of time and effort, and you can have a fully customizable blog in no time.

Research Other Blogs

One of my favorite things to do when I’m designing a blog is to look at other blogs in my same niche. I look at some of the blogs that are in the same niche. I like how things are set up. I just take some things from those blogs and modify them to fit my taste and to match my website. This way, it makes my blog more professional, and your blog more personal and unique. As I mentioned earlier, I find these templates to be well designed. This way I don’t feel that I’m being ripped off. I feel like I’m getting a piece of the pie, but for free.

I’m sure there are many other things that I missed, but these are some of my favorite things to do when I’m designing a blog. You can do these things very easily, very quickly, and very easily.

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