How Baby Boomers Are Making Money Online

How To Make Money Blogging In 5 Easy Steps

Retirement does not mean you do not have to stop making money. With the guidance of the answers to how to make money blogging in 5 easy steps you can make your retirement be more valuable.

All you have to do to find out about those steps is to continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about in order to do blogging right. Take a few minutes to see if this online option is for you or not.

Society is changing somewhat. This change is not so much due to contagious diseases or other temporary trends. It is due to the fact that technology is advancing so quickly that almost every industry is rethinking how they can conduct their business ventures.

This change means that even seniors, who have been put out to pasture through retirement, can still make a positive contribution to society and their families. All they have to do is become familiar with the digital world and how it operates.

The good news is that blogging normally does not require a huge investment or high start-up costs. It is easy to change with society by using your fixed income.

Steps Needed To Make Money Blogging

Getting started is half the battle when you need to make money and boost your retirement income. Here are some steps to take to help you find the right blogging method that will fit your lifestyle, preferences and help you earn some extra income.

#1. Know Your Passions. This is one of the first steps in earning money online through blogging. It is hard to build an audience when you are not interested in a subject. The first thing you need to do is find an activity, and this can be playing chess, recreational activities, reading, sewing, and so on, to write about.

The topics are limitless and while you will face a lot of competition, if you can bring new information to an old topic, then you have a chance to get an edge over your competitors.

Also, writing about something you like makes the research a lot easier to do.

#2. Niche Down. In simpler terms, your next step would be to find a sub-section in your topic that most people are not writing about. This opens the door to less competition and allows you to become an expert on that subject.

So, if you take a subject like basketball, instead of copying a popular sports channel and try to cover everything, find an area that is not being talked about. For example, talk about developing good skills.

Analyze what made Larry Bird and Magic Johnson so good and tell that to your readers. Find areas about different sports that no one is talking about to build your unique audience.

#3. Plan Ahead.Some people call it making an editorial calendar and all that does is help you see if there are enough interesting topics to write about. You need to plan for more than a year’s worth of writing if you are going to establish an audience and make some money.

This planning helps you to see how many top quality articles can be written on a given subject. Plus, it allows you to find related topics that will provide you with even more top-quality items to write about.

When it comes to blogging content is king and you need to be at the top of your game when you do this.

#4. The Name Counts.The best way to make money blogging is to have a domain name that people remember. It should be unique, respectful, and short. If the name is too long or complicated to type into the search box then people won’t remember it or take the time to search for it.

The KISS principle is the best guideline you can use and those letters stand for Keep It Simple Stupid (we are not calling you stupid). Brainstorm to get some good ideas and then use a domain name checker to make sure it is available.

Short and sweet beats long and insulting every time.

#5. Monetize Your Account. This term has lots of information tied to it that makes it impossible to go into all the details in how to do this. Each item we mention could easily be dealt with in its own article but to give you an idea on how to make money blogging, the following suggestions will guide you:

pick a good platform- there are lots of platforms available that help bloggers generate money. Forget the old and dying ones and focus on the current or future popular options.
use the right strategies- there are a lot of them out there and good content is just one of them. Take time to research this area so you know what you need to do
promote the right products- you do not have to pick products from an affiliate platform or retailer. You can create your own and market them.
sell ad space- there are many ad selling opportunities you can tap into. Google adsense is just one of the many
offer a service- if you know how to be a gardener, handyman, and so on, offer your services to those people who are too busy to get those chores done.

It Will Take Hard Work

The good thing about being a senior or part of the baby boomer generation. We all know how to work hard and we know how to work smart. Both characteristics will come in handy when you start to blog online.

The key is to get off the fence and start doing it. Also, we all know how to be patient as patience is required to build a good online business.

The information we have given here in answer to how to make money blogging in 5 easy steps is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading our blog to find out more details on what you can do. Being retired does not mean you stop making money.

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