How To Form A Team

How To Form A Team

For starters, as an entrepreneur you will find that you have had a few successes already and that you are a name in your niche. This is important.

Once you are a name you can pick up some freelance clients from within your own circle of friends. This is the start of how to form a team.

You need to remember why you are retiring too, because you need to spend your time as a retiree and not as a busy working stiff. Also, your passion should not be money, but rather the service you can offer your customers.

When you are retired you need to focus on your business while still needing to maintain a busy and not too demanding lifestyle. In other words you should be able to retire tomorrow but enjoy the liberty of living your life as usual on your current retirement pension.

Work On Your Business

You need to work on your business. Get it back online and find ways to get it back in front of your target market. Don’t delude yourself that you need to promote your business, promote your customer!

This is your golden opportunity. Your golden opportunity to build your business while still maintaining your life as usual and enjoying the benefits of your pension.

Your passion should be serving your customers as you never had any intention of making money in your retirement. It is all part of living your life as a retiree. Do not let anyone steal your dreams and dreams are powerful things!

* This is your golden opportunity to create a business that you are passionate about.

* Your golden opportunity to serve your customers.

* This is your golden opportunity to live your life as a retiree.

Focus On Your Business

So the real question is how can you continue to keep your focus on building a business when you are retired. You may find you have a bit more time. That is great!

However, the most important part of building a business while still maintaining your lifestyle is building a team. You need people to help you with the day to day operations. Building a team is just as important as building a business.

Common Goals

You need to find people who are also retired and have the same goals as you. Your team should be comprised of people who want to build a business like you and have the same passion you do. You should not be sharing dreams with people who don’t share your dreams.


Find people who are also willing to help you fulfill your dreams. You should not be building a business with a people who think you are crazy and would tell you to shut up and listen to me.

People On Your Side

Lastly you need people who will be on your side as you build a business, your team, your money, and your lifestyle.

You will always need to take advice from your team as well as your friends. Be careful with whom you allow to advise you. A good friend can offer advice but a bad friend can ruin you. You need your team and your team only. You need to know they will be with you to the end.

What Type Of Team?

It is important to know that there are different types of teams. For example, your board of advisors is a business team who are unbiased, experienced and your friends. Your support team is an allied health professional or a business coach with your support, an internal coach and health professional who you have worked with in the past.

Your sales team, if you are selling a product is your direct sales team. They are your team comprised of your sales people and a retail sales person. The rest of your team may be sales people who also work in your business or business consultants that also work in your business. Your administrative team is made up of your accountant, lawyer and your secretary.

The last type of team is your team of loyal supporters who are your true team members. They are your team for only two reasons. One is you are a personal friend of the team and two is you are supporting a cause that the team is fighting for. These people are always with you and in your corner. These people are also with you through thick and thin. They are also not interested in switching teams.

Why Form A Team?

There are different reasons for which you might want to form a team. It is possible that one of your reasons is to avoid switching teams.

Is your team going through a transition? It is possible that you are trying to find the right balance between your own business and your team. It is possible that you are looking for a team to really work with and for.

At Wealthy Affiliate we help you find the team that will really support you and your cause. We give you tools to identify your true team, and your support team.

We also ask that you let your team know that you are going to retire from your business so that you can be closer to your cause. Do not become a zombie in your business or your team. That’s why we help you create teams that suit you, your business, and your cause.

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