How To Build A Successful Business

How To Build A Successful Business

Do you want to learn how to build a successful business? Not only is it possible it is possible for seniors even in our retirement.

One of the first businesses I ever started was a children’s clothing store called Pumps & Bows. It’s a great story but it really got started because I was bored one day and decided to try to sell something.

What I came up with were the popular little “pumpkin” logo key chains that you see everywhere today. It may not have been the most original idea but it quickly went viral and I made about $10.00 in my very first hour. It was a thrill to experience that feeling of seeing that number in the “billions” for the very first time.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to today, I have since sold that business and I now own a few more. These days, I focus my energies on “growing” my personal development business.

I enjoy what I do and I enjoy meeting new people. It’s a great feeling to get a check for $5000.00 and it can happen almost daily.

This business has given me so much. One of the perks is being able to give back to the community and give free training in it.

It’s exciting to know you are making a difference and people are being helped! The personal development business has been so rewarding.

There is so much to offer and I make so much money by offering a few things in it. I also take this opportunity to say thank you to God for this opportunity and to give thanks to the mentors that have helped me along the way.

This Is Fun

Successful business ideas

This business is fun to me and I’ve become a better person because of it. I know when I do this, I am building a great business that will last.

I have that feeling of success and God is putting money to good use in my life. It’s fun to me. A new little business will start up. A new journey with a new partner.

I think to myself, “I am building a business!” What a beautiful feeling! I am a success to myself and God is prospering me.

It makes me think of those little “pumpkin” keys, how they were loved, coveted, and needed as little kids and how they are loved, coveted, and needed now as grown adults. I also reflect on my own little businesses and how they are also prospering in my life.

They remind me of the true nature of a little business and they also make me appreciate my little businesses so much. I enjoy building them and bringing them to completion. They also make me realize how much work is involved and I appreciate what God has blessed me with.

Feel Good About Yourself

I love to bring my little business to a successful close. Sometimes I will give gifts to my business. I take a lot of pride in that.

Even though I have put in the hard work, I still appreciate the little gifts and the fruits of my labors. They are always fun to look at.

It makes me realize how hard I have worked to get where I am now. I have that “pupping” feeling that comes when you finally get it right!

I feel the satisfaction and the completion of a good job. It makes me feel good to know I gave it my all and I have the products I wanted and the income I desired. It makes me feel like a good manager and entrepreneur.

Appreciate Your Business

I love my little businesses and I have learned to enjoy and appreciate them. I want to encourage you to enjoy and appreciate what God has given you.

As you do that you will naturally attract more of God’s good work into your life. We already know God is very good at creating things out of nothing.

Why not take advantage of that? You can start by giving yourself a hand in one of your little businesses.

Donate money, time, products or services to a business you have a part in. I know it may seem counter-intuitive but it really is hard to appreciate something when you have it.

Giving yourself a hand in a small business makes you feel good and successful. Plus, you are showing the people you help that you are interested in helping them also.

Do you really want to be a one person business? Then go out and give yourself a hand. That is one way of showing you are interested in making this work. It will grow and blossom from your own efforts.

Make A Difference

make a difference
Make a difference in someone’s life. It is important to give to others to help them reach their goals and aspirations.

If you could just take the time to notice how you give you will create a positive result for someone. I know just thinking about how you give can give you that pep in your step and give you that feeling of success.

That feeling can also keep you from giving when you know you shouldn’t. There is a difference between giving to others and being a selfish person.

If you want to create a good business and have a successful life, don’t give away your products or services to everyone who comes to you. Be selective with who you give to and give only what you believe will help them achieve their dreams and aspirations.

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