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How To Be Successful In Social Network Marketing

Social network marketing seems like an understood part of building an MLM business. However, thanks to the Internet even people who are not that social are making money in network marketing.

I am here to share with you the five things you must know about social network marketing. This is really not about network marketing. It is truly a marketing skill.

Here it goes!

1. Do not sell your business opportunity.

This is a marketing skill. Don’t even think about selling your business opportunity or leads or products. This will get you labeled as a salesman and you do not want to be labeled as a salesman.

You do not want to be labeled as a sales person. You don’t want to be branded as an MLM snake oil salesman. What you do want is to be labeled as an actual network marketing expert.

This is not sales and it is definitely not MLM. It is about providing value and being trusted and known by others.

It is about helping others be successful and prosper. If people know that you are providing real value then they will flock to you.

So do not even think about putting your business opportunity in front of people. People do not like being sold to.

This is why if you get someone to take a look at your business opportunity, and they see that you are giving it back and forth to other people on your social network sites (see point #2), then they will get the message and will leave you alone.

2. Do not advertise your business opportunity.

This is a marketing skill and one that is vital to your success in this industry. This is the business of networking.

You must be familiar with the concept of networking. This is not about you.

It is about adding value to other peoples’ lives and this will build your fan base and builds your influence and builds your list. It is about being a trusted advisor and this will also build your list and will even build your business.

You must be able to teach and train others so that they can also be adding value to other peoples’ lives. This is the heart of network marketing.

This can be learned through trial and error and through the use of technology. It can also be learned through studying other successful internet marketers. But please understand this is not sales.

This is about giving back and being a trusted advisor. This is about helping others be successful and prosper. All of these concepts are key to your success and will build your business.

Here are some tips to guide you in your quest for network marketing success:

* Remember, it is not about your opportunity or product. The products and opportunity are just tools. They will not help you succeed.

You are the success in this industry. You are the leader and the person who will walk your downline through the process of introduction, training and mentoring, and they will become leaders in their own right.

The whole system will work for you. So focus on the people. People who need help and who want help. Those are the ones you should be looking for.

* Create value. The most successful network marketers are those who help others by creating value. Do not pitch your business opportunity or your product.

This is not sales. But offer to help people be successful. Offer advice and opinions. Do offer personal development and training. Offer social networking and networking groups and events. Offer anything that is worth while in this industry.

* Get your fans involved. When you are getting your fan base involved, you are not only giving back to your fan base but you are also getting your list in return. It will be very beneficial to you.

Do not pitch your business. If your fans are keen to build a network marketing business, they will turn into prospects.

You will be able to tell by their voices that are very excited to build this business and be successful. They are all looking to help other members.

They want the system to work for them and they want to build a network marketing business. What they are not interested in is a “one year plan”.

They will tell you upfront that they want a successful network marketing business. So, do not pitch them. Do pitch your business and yourself.

Think Long Term

Do not forget, you are doing this for the next months, years or even the decades. So, take those long term goals in your mind and think about them all the time.

Your long term goals and your short term goals should be the same. So, concentrate on building your business. If you start thinking about the next six months or the next year as much as you are thinking about building your business, you will be very successful.

There is nothing wrong with being passionate about building a network marketing business. You are free to be passionate and you are encouraged to be passionate.

If you are passionate you will be successful. There is nothing wrong with the passion. There is nothing wrong with focusing on building your business and being about the business.

Summary: How To Be Successful In Social Network Marketing

Social network marketing takes a certain kind of attitude. Never promote your MLM business directly.

You are more into building relationships. You are willing to invest time into making contacts and then using your social skills and attraction marketing.

People are attracted to you in a natural way. They do not feel pressured and more often then not they come to you.

They ask you what you are doing. Then it is easy to use a short explanation, refer them to your blog, and follow up later.

There is no pressure this way on you or your prospect! That is how to be successful in social network marketing.

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