Hour A Day MLM Auto Prospecting System Review

Hour A Day MLM Auto Prospecting System Review

It may be hard to do an Hour A Day MLM Auto Prospecting System review because no one is talking about it at this time. The reason that no one is talking about it is that it may be so new no one knows about it yet or has investigated it.

The Owners Of This Program

On the landing page for this training program, you are immediately introduced to both Dennis M. Wilson and Craig Peloquin. You have to click on their names to get to a short bio of each person.

Each bio is very glowing and touting the successes of each man. Those successes are very impressive yet when you do a separate internet search on each one, nothing comes up on anyone that is not generated by HouraDay or Dennis Wilson’s own company Internetnextstep.com Consulting Ltd.

With no independent and objective information, it is hard to determine if these men are real or not. All we have are biased websites looking to draw people in through the power of success, at least success on paper.

About Hour A Day MLM Auto Prospecting System

Sadly, there is no about page on their website. All the buttons lead you from the hype on the landing page to more hype on different pages. One we viewed was the MLM secret and all that web page said was you need a video to learn the secret of MLM.

Fortunately, the video is supposed to be free and you can link to it although there is no mention of gaining a commission if you do. The company advertises that you can improve your business revenue with only an hour a day of work. That is after you pay for and listen to their training videos.

Other than that, there is no other substantial information about the company.

The Products Hour A Day MLM Auto Prospecting System Sells

They basically sells 2 products.

1. Marketing Co-op Plan

The first is a marketing co-op plan to help you generate leads for your business venture. The buy-in cost is as little as $25 per month and the company is supposed to place ads for you.

Unfortunately, the company tries to upsell you on the marketing co-op page and get you to spend at least $50 a month to get more leads. To learn all the details, you need to sign up to get more information.

2. All Products

The second product this company sells is all of its products. You have to go to their buy now web page to see the 10 products they sell and each one is a different price. When you look at the home page, you see a list of products that they say are worth $11,112 if bought separately.

But they will sell you those same items for $2999 if you get all 10 at once. Their website seems to be out of date on their sales as the copyright date states 2021 and they are still offering you 2020 prices and discounts.

Between the home page list of 13 and the buy now web page of 10, 1 product is missing. There is one freebie, a monthly newsletter, and one with a monthly price not listed. That leaves one that is not being sold on the buy now page. This is just one of the many red flags with this company.

Can You Make Money Using This System?

It is highly doubtful that you will make any money using this system. You have to make up the initial cost of $3000 one-time payment or earn enough to cover the $200 monthly payments if you take the payment plan.

That is not including the $25 to $50 a month you are spending for supposed ads they place for you. Their information is not a secret. You can get the same content a lot cheaper elsewhere. Also, there is nothing that states their training actually works.

When you hit the learn more button on one of the other web pages you are just sent back to the home page and you do not learn more.

Is Hour A Day MLM Auto Prospecting System A Scam?

Most likely it is. You are overpaying for the amount of training they claim to provide. Also, all their web pages are full of hype and not real information that would help you make your money back.

Then, the fact that the website has not been updated at all sends you a glaring red flag about the honesty of this company and the people behind it. The bios seem fake. They are only meant to impress you so that you will overrule your common sense and buy into the program.

Also, there is the issue of the buy now link is ahead of the home page link. They want you to click on that before you read the content of the home page. Their FAQ page holds only 2 questions and answers, none of which are very factual or informative.

The training videos seem to be free and are short. Their content is nothing new and they do not hold any magic formulas to increase your business revenue.

Hour A Day MLM Auto Prospecting System Review: Our Final Assessment

This so-called business opportunity is another in a long line of business opportunities designed to separate you from your money. There is no proof that the bios are actually true and factual and there is no evidence that anyone using their information has made more money and generated more contacts working only an hour a day.

The only people making money with only an hour a day of work are the owners of this program. Also, there is no proof that the value stated on the landing page for those programs is the actual value.

It is best that you avoid signing up and sending these people your hard-earned money. There is nothing to indicate that they are still in business except for the 2021 copyright date at the bottom of the landing page.

There are also no real testimonials from anyone who has used their program to back up their hype. Nothing supports their claims so keep your money in the bank, it will make you more money than this program.

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