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Home Business For Seniors Using Email Marketing

Email marketing is a home business for seniors idea any senior can easily get started in. It makes a lot of sense when you stop and think about it.

How hard can it be to write a couple of emails and send them out? Not very difficult if you know a few things. The real challenge comes in making those emails effective.

As soon as you get your email address it is time to start the email marketing game right away. Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

A Few Rules to Remember

Keep it personal. Send emails to the people on your list. Don’t pitch your products in emails. Keep it short and sweet. If you give away a free product they’ll buy from you.

Offer something of value with every email. Make sure the information in the email is of value to the person receiving it. In order for an email to be effective it has to be interesting and valuable to the receiver.

Do not use hard sell tactics. Remember your objective is to make the reader interested in what you have to offer. Be informative and informative be hard sell.

Don’t use spam words. The list has to be full of real email addresses. It is only going to do you harm to send email to a list that is full of phony email addresses. It really is not worth it. Hard work and time spent trying to build a list that is full of bogus email addresses are not going to be worth anything.

Don’t give away a product to build your list. The biggest turn off for anyone using email marketing is someone giving away something for free. Free is free and no body will buy anything from someone they can get something free from. In order to make money online using email marketing you have to use the list you have to offer products with information and value. If you take advantage of the list you’ve built you’re going to use it to make money online.

Home Business For Seniors Using Email Marketing

It takes a lot of work and time to build a list. The work is time and effort in order to build a list. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for profit with or without a list, in fact I recommend you do list building whether you use a list or not. I just want to make sure that the list you build is going to be a profit making list.

Email marketing is a great tool to use, it is effective and can help you in your business. It is just important to make sure you use it properly and effectively. That is why I have to give you my top five tips when it comes to email marketing.

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips

1. Make sure your subject line is great. Your subject line is your ad. It’s a very short sentence that will get your reader to open and read your email. So if you have a great subject line that is uninteresting what are you really going to benefit from your email message? Nothing, just a wasted effort.

2. You have got to make sure that your email is short and sweet. Most people have small screens and only read the top of the email once or twice. Don’t put huge information bombs that will take them hours to read.

3. Make sure your email shows the value and information that is available in your products. In your email make sure you give them all the information they need to make a decision. Never put a product with “buy this and you’ll know what I’m talking about” or “this product will show you how to do that”. Those things will make your subscribers feel ripped off and will they never make use of your products or services.

4. Be sure your email has emotion. The only reason people sign up to your newsletter or program is because they know you are the guy to solve their problems or problems. If your email does not have emotion then I’m afraid your campaign will be unsuccessful.

5. You’ve got to make sure your email has a call to action. Make sure your subscribers will see that you care and want them to make a decision. You’ve got to make sure that there is a link in your email that will take them to your website where they can then purchase your product or service.

Target Existing Customers

Keep in mind that although you’re targeting subscribers that have purchased from you before, they are new to your products and you’ve got to make sure that you guide them in the right direction. Remember also that with the Internet you’re able to track which link they clicked on, what they bought, and whether they made a purchase and by when they made the purchase.

You can actually find out just what they read in your email, and when they made the purchase. This will help you to make adjustments for your next campaign. This will help you to create a series of emails based on purchase history.

Be aware though that although you can track these actions, you cannot know what the subscribers are going to click on. You can however create a series of emails that will trigger a series of auto responder campaigns.

Once they make a purchase you can automatically send a series of emails based on what they read. This will help you to perfect a series of emails that will encourage people to sign up and ultimately increase your subscriptions.

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