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An email marketing autoresponder is the only way to do marketing by email. This allows you to build your list and to contact your subscribers anytime you want 24 hours a day.

Are you sick and tired of sending out emails that do absolutely nothing? Is your list so bloated with meaningless emails that you start getting annoying spam complaints from your ISP?

Do you wish you had found an efficient way to instantly deliver valuable information to your list, but you just couldn’t figure it out? Well, that is where the autoresponder comes in.

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a tool that allows you to take a prospect list or mailing list and automatically deliver information to those who subscribe to that list. Using an autoresponder you can send your prospects free information, send them newsletters, make them forms to fill out, create opt in offers, and a host of other wonderful things.

Autoresponders are powerful tools. They let you deliver your information on autopilot so you can get right on with your marketing.

It sounds incredible. If you have a mailing list of 3,000 people it can take you weeks to create a newsletter. Then you have to wait for it to appear in their inbox before you can promote to them.

Using autoresponders you can deliver your information on a timely basis. You can promote to them within minutes after they opt in to your list, without having to wait for them to confirm their subscription.

You can promote to them even more quickly if you have an offer that requires a purchase. This requires the prospect to pay a fee before they receive any offer information. With an autoresponder you can do all this without having to wait for them to get back to you. Plus there are free email marketing autoresponders if you are interested to start that way.

The Power Of An Autoresponder

The easiest way to think about the power of an autoresponder is to think about the email backlog that you have before you send an email. That is the inbox backlog of emails that you have to manage, before you start promoting to those folks.

Let’s assume that your list is 3,000 people. Your autoresponder has to load 3,000 subscribers into a database before you can promote to them, and another 1,500 people into a message queue before you can send a newsletter.

This means that you have a backlog of 25,000 emails. If you will think about how you send mail outs on a regular basis. There are a few things that the most effective email marketers do in order to keep their list up to date and to help with the delivery of their messages.

First they will use a welcome message.

When you first send an email, you will likely get a response or two. So you create a welcome message and send it out to the folks that respond back. This is a friendly message that says thank you for subscribing. Then you send out an email that contains information about your offers and promotions. Then you wait for a response.

Second they will use a confirmation message.

If you respond to a sale or free offer, they will want to confirm that they wanted that information so they will be sent the confirmation mail so they can continue to stay on top of their mail.

The third method is the auto-responder setup.

Your auto-responder will be set up to send your confirm messages to your customers. This is done by setting up your messages so that you are given more than one chance to respond to folks who respond back.

This is a way to keep your list up to date and to keep them from missing a promotion. It can take some getting used to, but with practice and practice, it will work for you.

The fact that you have more than one chance to respond in this method will make you seem more human and more like a friend than someone who is there to make money from them. This is how to be the perfect email marketer.

You’ll be glad to know that this method works and will keep your list updated and active. I have not found another method that works quite like this one.

Single Or Double Opt In?

If you have been using the single method, you will benefit from using this one. And if you are using the double method you should try it out for yourself.

It is very effective and the fact that it is simple to set up makes it attractive to use. The fourth method is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time setting up a new message. You can set it up once and forget it.

I will include the link to the double opt in message from every promotion I run, but I will make an additional note about this on this web site, since I have heard so many horror stories about this process. I realize that some folks really want to do this but it just is not for me, personally.

I’ve also heard horror stories about the single opt in message that does not get delivered. As I said, I have not tried this one, but I have heard horror stories about the double opt in message. I don’t think I need to say any more about that, but I will anyway.

Build Relationships With Your Subscribers

One other point that I will include here, is that you want to get to know your list. Just by viewing them every so often will help you to build a relationship with them. If you view them too often, it may cause them to leave your list.

So, you’ll need to keep track of what they want and give it to them, if there is any. Remember, your list is a business resource.

It is a list of prospects. This is part of what they want and expect from you.

It is a list of people who are open to receiving your products and services. And it is a list of people who are potential customers. Make it an active list by watching it regularly, using an email marketing campaign, and giving it what it wants.

Remember, not every message will be read, but the majority of them should be. The success of your email marketing campaign lies with the active list and you cannot build a successful email marketing campaign without the active list.

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