Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

Change Your Life – Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

Let’s look at getting outside your comfort zone. To be more successful you are probably going to have to change your life and this is part of it.

The world has not seen one successful businessperson being born in centuries. Yet, the whole world, with the exception of the small minorities of billionaires, is waiting for success to visit them, and be acknowledged by them.

All the while, some have failed and got left behind. Do you really think they have any special ability to leave a legacy of miracles?

Go to The Forbes 400 List Of Richest People In The World. There are some lessons in there and many of these people have overcome much adversity to get where they are in life.

What about you?

Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone: Choose Success

Success is a choice, and to choose success you need to be awake to the possibility of being in the center of a Venn Diagram with successful people. Being in that space where there are many people, but you are not among them.

Many are the Venn Diagrams that exist and yet no one chooses to be in that space. The space is vacant. The space is empty. Yes, vacant.

That space is a space of nothingness. Yet, there are many who visit it, still claiming that they are there.

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram

A Venn Diagram is a space of empty. You are supposed to be there, and yet you are not.

It is supposed to be filled with many spirits but all those spirits are also not there. They have departed in search of something.

That something is beyond words. The space that you are in is supposed to have life and yet it is lifeless.

It is supposed to have color and yet it is one-dimensional. Life is, simply stated, the capacity of something to function correctly and be resilient and resilient are all terms that describe life.

Color, as an aspect of the definition of life, is the capacity of something to respond differently to the eye. This is one aspect of the energy of life, the physical component.

It is very hard to create Venn Diagrams with the consciousness that you have at present. Yes, it is because you have a very limited idea of what you can do.

Then you take what you have done and you try and make it better, faster, stronger, with each attempt. It is a very different perspective, and you end up creating something that is not necessarily you.

Something that is, like the space of emptiness. This is also something different. The empty space of nothingness can become full, or empty, depending on your imagination.

It is not something that happens to you. It is something that you build.

This is something that was not meant to be.

Do not be misled by the title of this article. The intent was not to make you feel guilty for making your life choices, or feel guilty for being you.

It Is Not Your Fault

Leaving the comfort zone behind
It is not your fault that you are here. You were not created to have children, spend countless hours commuting to and fro, or deal with the pain and alienation of a job that you hate.

It is not your fault that you are poor, or that you have a hard time making ends meet. You were not designed to be at odds with your loved ones, stuck in a dead marriage, or living in fear of losing your home.

These are all things that you were meant to have no part of. You were meant to be alive, and yet you are not.

This is why it is not about blame, or shame. You are not to blame or shamed for your circumstances. You are not to be ashamed.

This is not the story of your life. This is about being alive.

You were not created to live in a continuous state of worry, anger, resentment, or fear. You were created to be full of joy, happiness, and passion.

How does this happen?

Here are 4 steps you can take to move your consciousness out of your ordinary mode of being, and into the higher levels of being.

1. Stop living your life as usual.

When you feel that you are stuck in your everyday life, know that you can take a break from that life, and start over. It does not mean that you have to start over at the same old place that you are at now.

You can start over in a place that makes you feel happy, or joyful, or energetic. Start over in a positive, or an energetic, or joyful way. When you take a break from that life, instead of feeling like you have no choice, realize that you have a lot of choices.

2. Accept and forgive yourself.

Leaving your comfort zone behind
You do not always have to be right about what is going on in your life. Don’t try to be perfect.

You do not have to be the rock of your family, or of your home. Be open to allow yourself to have faults, to forgive yourself, to appreciate yourself, and to love yourself. You can allow yourself to accept yourself in a different way.

3. Connect with nature.

Taking a break from your usual life can help you to connect with nature. Nature helps you feel joy, and it helps you have energy. By connecting to nature, you can change your energy, and change your feelings.

When you spend time with nature, you can stop, take a rest, recover your energy, and your joy. I encourage you to spend time with nature.

Get out in nature. It is free, and it is healthy. Do it regularly.

4. Take good care of yourself.

The fourth step, and the final step, is to take good care of yourself.

The 4 steps are easy to follow, and simple to do. But, you have to commit to one step.

I encourage you to commit to one step, and then get out there and do it! I will be here when you get back. Stay tuned!

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