Avon MLM Review

Avon MLM Review

In this Avon MLM review you will learn just a little about this corporation and how it works. It has been around for so long that maybe an introduction is not really needed.

Avon is the granddaddy of them all. Not only is Avon world famous, and just about everyone in the world has heard of this company and its products. It is also the first MLM corporation that started the modern trend of MLM companies.

But you should know if it is a scam or not and this review will help you find the answer to that question. All you have to do is continue to read it.

What is Avon?

Avon started back in the late 19th century by David McConnell. The founder did not have a car or even a trunk to sell his first product, perfume, so he went door to door marketing his wares.

Over the years the company went through numerous name changes, product expansions as well as leaders. Today the company is headed by Sheri McCoy. It boasts about 6 1/2 million members and earns roughly $6 billion a year in overall revenue.

The product line is vast focusing more on women and their needs through skin care, bath and body products, perfumes for both men and women, jewelry, and fashion.

How Does Avon Work?

This company has set the standard for low sign up fees. It costs only $10 to be a member and start selling the products. However, you have other purchases to make so that initial fee is misleading. To get started as an independent rep you have to buy one or all of the 3 started kits offered by the company.

Those prices range between $25 and $100. Then you make the difference between your cost and the retail price of the products. Like the founder, you may have to go door to door to sell your products, hold parties or be innovative and find a creative way to sell that still keeps you from breaking any Avon rules.

Can You Make Money With Avon?

Yes it is possible to make money with Avon. Just about everyone has heard of the company or has tried some of their products so you may have an easier time selling Avon goods than other MLM companies’ products.

Typical of some MLM corporation you will have to find a territory that is not filled with Avon representatives to sell those products. That may be difficult to do because there are 6 1/2 million in-house competitors you have to beat to the customer.

That may not be as difficult to do as Avon products enjoy a fairly good reputation and there are lots of people who like what they buy.

Examples Of How To Make Money With Avon

No matter how old they are MLM companies are basically all the same. First, you make money through your own personal sales effort. Then you make more money by recruiting others to sell for you.

The third way to make money is through the various bonuses offered by Avon. The problem is that those bonuses are not paid out in an honest manner and you still have to work to receive them. Promotion is not enough to be paid a bonus.

Before you sign up check their compensation plan first. That way you know what is expected of you when you become a member of this well respected organization.

Avon MLM Review Pros and Cons


a well established company
well liked products that are known everywhere
commission split is healthy
make money off of your downlines
be your own boss
set your own hours
plenty of products to represent
low sign up fee
low starter kit fees


lots of competition, not just in-house but from other companies
need to buy upsells
need to buy promotional material
promotion is slow and hard to get
hard to make money

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

There have been a couple of lawsuits filed against this company. One was a discrimination lawsuit that claimed that the company that is for women discriminated against women. This was filed in 2018 and was based on how pregnant women were treated.

Then Avon settled an earlier lawsuit over retirement benefits for $6 1/2 million. These lawsuits have not dented the company’s production or health and it is still going strong.

The typical negatives for any MLM corporation are present here as well. The bottom of the totem pole makes the least while those at the top make the most. It is difficult to make a living selling Avon.

Is Avon Legitimate?

Of course it is. No company lasts for over 100 years and be a scam or an illegitimate company. It does sell good products, even though not everyone can use their products. That is not the company’s fault as everyone’s body is not exactly the same and their results may not be as healthy as their friend’s results.

Those that say that Avon is not legitimate tend to be narrowly focused and look at how the independent reps are treated to draw their conclusions. Being the oldest MLM company out there, Avon has set the standard on how those independent reps are treated and paid.

This situation is not going to change any time soon.

You can do a lot worse than Avon when looking to sign up at an MLM corporation. The benefit of working for a well known and well established company do help sales and you are not fighting the MLM reputation that dogs many of these types of companies.

Even with all the benefits that come with working with such an old company, there are still risks involved that should make you wary. If you do not like to recruit you may not make a lot of money nor be promoted very far up the ladder.

This Avon MLM review concludes that working with this company is about the same as working for any other MLM corporation. It just might not be for you.

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