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Hello and welcome to Thank you for visiting our blog on home business tips for seniors! is an information website that offers home business tips for seniors. We publish new content on a regular basis. You can easily navigate by category or searching by keywords. Our most recent articles are displayed on the left and the right sidebar is separated making it easy to find what you are looking for.

Seniors want and need to make more money and starting and running a successful home based business on the Internet is the perfect way to make that happen!

As far as we are concerned seniors are the greatest generation now! However, there is one problem many of us face.

As we approach retirement, or are already in it, we have more month then we have money. Add in the fact that we are living longer and many of us are in a real cash flow crunch.

Not to worry though!

We started to help you make more money with your own online home business.

Forget about being a greeter at Wal-Mart or working the morning shift at McDonalds.

Don’t go drive for Uber or Lyft either. You can if you really want to, but wouldn’t it be better and easier to start an online home business and make money anywhere in the world you have an Internet connection?

Our Vision

To publish the ultimate seniors home business tips and make money blog. Offer free email tips that helps seniors start and run their own home business.

Include real life case studies of seniors earning a part time income of $200 a month all the way to $100K a year and more.

Include easy to follow blueprints, tips, ideas, and programs by seniors, for seniors.

When we make a new post or have something new to share we will send you out an email.

What We Offer

Our home business tips for seniors blog and email tips ultimately is about helping you make money.

In our money making tips for seniors you will see real case studies of seniors making $200 a month to over $100K a year. You get immediate access to easy to follow blueprints any senior can follow to start making money right away. We update this category all of the time with ways to make money so come back often to see what is new!

We look at various business models including network marketing, ecommerce, information websites and much more. Because Bizzy Seniors uses affiliate marketing to make money on our blog we spend a lot of time on that. We sell ad space with sponsored posts as well as Google AdSense so we provide updated information on these as we get it.

Even better we are going to show you one home business model that involves nothing more then handing out your own business cards and how to put an affiliate url on it without creating a website. No blogging, or email marketing, or Internet marketing, or SEO, or any of that stuff, just business card marketing.

Mindset Tips For Seniors

Our blog posts and email newsletter contain mindset articles & videos from our home business tips for baby boomers You Tube Channel as well.

In these we will get into having a good attitude, personal development and self help as well. It might seem funny to think about changing your attitude as a senior, but you have to do it. We make it fun to do!

We get into some of the classics such as “Think & Grow Rich” and “How To Win Friends And Influence People” which are 2 of our favorites. There are a lot of great blogs and books on positive thinking and we like to review those as well.

Home Business Marketing Tips For Seniors

If you want to make money on the Internet you need to master at least one traffic generation strategy. There are many to choose from and over time we will get into these.

We understand seniors do not want all of the technical stuff. That is why every tip comes to you via email, or on our marketing category in a simple easy to understand way.

One thing we have started doing is reviewing marketing programs and strategies. If we use it we ill tell you.

If another blogger is using something they say is great we will tell you as well. You really only need to master a couple of marketing methods to get quality traffic, but as you may know you can never have too many visitors to your blog.

All Categories

In all of our categories you will find blog posts relating to anything and everything about seniors, home business, making money, mindset, boomers, retirees, and anything we find interesting and hope you will as well.

Of course we spend a lot of time on home business tips that you as a senior will want to read. That is first priority.

What we know is seniors like to follow what other seniors are up too. When we come across something interesting for seniors we will post it in one category or another.

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