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A Good Business Plan Helps Readers Understand and Like Your Product

My mom is a wonderful Internet Marketer. She’s helped several individuals build a modest business online. While she loved interacting with the customers on the internet she missed the physical interaction of being in the market place.

So I started thinking about ways to bring her back to that time. I didn’t want to develop a product just offer it to her. What would she want me to do?

I wrote several articles about how to use the internet to build a service-based business. I even spoke with the local senior center about how to start this business.

What did they tell me?

Start by writing articles about subjects that senior center clients are interested in. After that they would probably provide you with some free space in their newsletter. After that, they would want you to help them market their service.

Now that seemed like a lot of work. “Do I really want to start this business?” I asked myself. “What do I really have to know about Internet Marketing?”

Create Your Own Product

I decided to take a different approach. I decided to create my own product. Computers have long been a love of mime.

I learned to type by the age of 5. I taught myself how to use Word by the age of 10. Writing software for the computer came next.

Now you could say that I am a little obsessive about this. Most of my free time is spent learning how to use the computers and writing software. But I truly enjoy the creative process. I love the way the ideas flow through my mind. I love getting feedback from my computer on how I’m doing.

So when I decided to create my own product, I thought, I need a product that people would want to buy.

Now before I started creating my product, I really didn’t know how to create one.

So I did my homework. I spoke with a lot of people who had been in business in the past. I read articles by those who were in business. And I spent a lot of time researching what it takes to successfully start a new business.

New Businesses Do Fail

What I found was eye opening. Most businesses fail within the first 3 years. Even more eye opening was the fact that most new businesses fail within the first 3 years.

The fact that 95% of the businesses that succeed were started during a recession. The fact that if you are not focused on sales, marketing, and money, you are more likely to fail.

So if you are new to the business world, I found that I needed to spend more time on the business planning. I needed to spend more time learning the ins and outs of the Internet marketing and business-planning. Spend more time networking with other business owners and experts. I needed to spend more time working on my creative writing.

How? I needed to put aside the time to write a business plan.

You see it is an important aspect of the business plan is how the business will be built. If you don’t have good business ideas you are going to have a bad time. In fact you should also network with other business owners and experts in your industry.

Business Plan

You should also hire a professional to write your business plan. Who should you hire? I recommend you contact a business plan writer, and seek them out.

After you get your business plan they are extremely good at helping you write your business plan. And they charge a lot less than 10 minutes each.

How do you find a business plan writer?

You just Google the word business plan writer. Or you go to business plans written service. I found both of these services through a link someone posted on my website.

It was fairly simple to find a professional business writer. Just Google the word business writer. There are many good services out there. The fact is it doesn’t matter how good you are at your business, if you don’t have a plan you aren’t going to succeed.

P & L Statement

One important thing you want to include in your business plan is a profit and loss statement. Now the idea of a profit and loss statement is interesting to some people.

I thought it was a good idea to include it in my business plan. So if you think it is not important to include it in your business plan then you might want to rethink your position. If you don’t include it then your readers will never know how your business will perform during the writing process.

Now a word about profit and loss statement. They are not the be all and end all of a business plan. But they are very important. If you make it a part of your plan you might make it easier for your audience to read your plan.

So how should you make it a part of your plan? You should include it in your marketing materials and the closing paragraph of your plan. So people can get a clear idea about your business and what you’re selling.

So please think about including a profit and loss statement in your business plan. Your readers need to know what your business is really worth.

Remember to research thoroughly before you spend your money on your business plan. They say money can’t buy love, but it can help you learn more about how to make your business work.

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