Affiliate Marketing Commission Rates

6 Things You Need To Know Today About Affiliate Marketing Commission Rates

Affiliate marketing commission rates are what you earn as an affiliate when you make a sale. Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s stuff so you can earn that commission.

Affiliate marketing commission rates are set by the affiliate program. The commissions can average 50% or more for digital products. Clickbank has products that pay 75% to the affiliate.

It is much lower for physical products such as 1%-5% on Amazon and other affiliate programs. However, that can still be a high commission if the product cost is a high ticket product.

Display ad affiliate marketing commission vary. Google Adsense pays 68% when someone clicks on an ad they have sold and you have on your website.

It is up to you to research the commission rate for the product you are promoting. It is not the only thing to look at in a product, but it is an important one.

Merchants Set The Rate

The commission rates are decided by the merchant. It can be whatever they want to be.

It could be at the time of the selling of the product, after the sales has been made or as part of the compensation plan that the affiliate marketer works. The different affiliate programs and the affiliate programs rates are also different.

In the beginning, when the affiliate marketer is just starting out, the rates for the digital products is lower. After that, after the affiliate marketer is able to work, the rates for the digital products increase. It depends on the time, effort and amount of money the affiliate marketer has put into the program.

Affiliate Marketing Can Be Lucrative

Affiliate Marketing Commission Rate
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Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business. The affiliate marketer is able to make a steady income from it when done correctly.

All that the affiliate marketer has to do is making small commissions from different affiliate programs. This can add up!

* Make it part of the strategy to check that the affiliate program has been going on for a long time. This is to ensure that the affiliate program is not a pyramid scheme.

* Check that the affiliate program has a reliable payment system. Sometimes, it can be difficult to receive your commissions when you check the affiliate program’s status. If the affiliate program has a poor payment system, the income of the affiliate marketer could be delayed.

Check The Affiliate Merchant’s Website

The first thing that the affiliate marketer can do is to check the affiliate merchant’s website. If the affiliate marketer finds that the merchant has no products, it is difficult for the affiliate marketer to promote the merchant’s products. The affiliate marketer could experience long payment times and could be facing difficulties in getting his payments.

Check that the merchant’s products are related to the affiliate marketer’s interests. For instance, a lot of affiliate marketers promote health products.

If the products that the affiliate marketers promote are of no interest to the affiliate marketer, it is difficult to generate traffic. It is better for the affiliate program to have products that are of interest to the affiliate marketer.

The affiliate marketer could even join the affiliate program directly if the merchant has a good reputation. As an affiliate marketer, he can be sure that the merchant will send him his payments. But there are still other steps that the affiliate marketer has to take in order to make the affiliate program successful.


The affiliate program should provide tools that the affiliate marketer can refer his website to the merchant’s products. These include banner ads, text ad, and a replicated affiliate website.

If the affiliate program does not provide such a tool, the affiliate marketer could generate traffic but could not really make any sales.

Such a tool is like an ad on a website. If the affiliate program does not provide such a tool, it is difficult for the affiliate marketer to generate traffic.

To generate more traffic, it is better that the affiliate program provides a tool that allows the affiliate marketer to choose the products that he wants to promote. The better the products are selected, the more traffic that the affiliate marketer can generate.

Even if the affiliate program is good in providing the tools that the affiliate marketer needs, if the merchant is not responsive to the affiliate marketer’s comments, the affiliate marketer could generate no traffic.

All these factors could affect the traffic generation capabilities of the affiliate program and the merchant may get higher refunds from the customers.

To be a successful affiliate marketer, the following could be taken into consideration:

Affiliate Marketing Commissions
* Landing page: The landing page should be designed so that the visitors would not see anything else but the message that the merchant wants to give out.

* Conversion rate: The more visitors that the merchant get to his site, the higher the conversion rate will be for the products.

* Content: The content of the website should be of interest to the visitors of the website. Thus, the content should be written by the affiliate marketer, that is, it should be written in such a way that the visitors will take pleasure in reading it and the visitors will feel that they have come to a website that has a good content.

Do This First

So, the next time, you are browsing through the internet and you find an affiliate program that seems good to you, try to visit the merchant’s site first before you join the affiliate program.

If the merchant does not give you what you want, instead of purchasing the product, visit the merchant’s site and give him your comments and feedback. By doing so, you will be able to understand better the products and services offered by the merchant.

This will help you determine the quality of the services and products that you are going to promote. If you find a product that you like, try to promote it.

If you do not find anything that you like, then leave the product alone. Think about switching to another affiliate program.

Summary: Affiliate Marketing Commission Rates

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